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Boomer Spirituality Webinar Series

Webinar Series

The Baby Boomer Spirituality Webinars are led by Craig Kennet Miller, author of Boomer Spirituality: Seven Values for the Second Half of Life, each 60- minute webinar will give you ideas and insights about ministry with the boomer generation. Those who attend all three sessions can earn 0.3 CEUs. This series is for individuals or can be used as a group experience that churches can do for Wednesday evening programing.

A CEU Credit of .3 units will be given to individuals who attend all three sessions of the Boomer Spirituality Webinars. Craig Miller will send a questionnaire to those who qualify. Once he receives the answers back, the credits will be rewarded.

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Who are the Boomers?
Wednesday, October 4  |  6:30pm Central

Who Are The Boomers? Webinar (Recorded Version)

Who Are The Boomers Presentation Slides – Oct 2017

Born from 1946 to 1964, Boomers have revolutionized every aspect of American life.  As they move into their second half of life, learn about the challenges they face as they age.

The Spiritual Roots of Boomers
Wednesday, October 11  |  6:30pm Central

The Spiritual Roots of Boomers Presentation Slides – Oct. 2017

Formed in the crucible of the 1960s and 70s, the spiritual roots of Brokenness, Loneliness, Rootlessness, and Self-seeking still effect boomers and the younger generations today.

Boomers and the Search for God
Wednesday, October 18  |  6:30pm Central

The Search for God Presentation Slides – Oct 2017

Since their youth, boomers have been on an ongoing search for the divine.  From the New Age Movement to the explosion of mega-churches the boomers quest for the spiritual life has challenged the traditions of the past and provides great opportunities for ministry in the future.

iKids, Millennial, and Boomers

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