Upcoming Events

Here are upcoming events where Craig Kennet Miller will be speaking:

Baby Boomer Spirituality Conference – From John Wesley to John Lennon
Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church
Birmingham, AL
Saturday, February 25, 2019:00 am to 9:00 pm
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Sudden events, like Pearl Harbor or 9/11, change history and set the forces of culture in a new direction. Political decisions, like Mao’s Chinese Revolution, can shape the lives of billions of people. The Boomer Spirituality Conference will focus on a great demographic change – the high U.S. birth rate from 1946 to 1964, and how the baby boomer generation has had an impact on every phase of life.

Join us on February 25 as Craig Kennet Miller shares insights from his new book: “Boomer Spirituality, Seven Values for the Second Half of Life.” We’ll discuss how the values and beliefs we hold affect the whole of our lives – relationships, work, goals, faith, and most fundamentally, our self-understanding. We’ll explore the values of brokenness, loneliness, rootlessness, and self-seeking which form the spiritual roots of boomers. Godliness, supernaturalism, and wholeness capture the boomers unique search for God as they look toward a future that is filled with peril and promise.

We will also have the chance to share in a Boomer worship experience, and during lunch you will have the option to learn the model for ministry that VHUMC uses to reach the Boomer generation. We’ll have breakout sessions for both clergy and laity in the afternoon and finish the day with a dinner and a dance featuring The Beatlads (a Beatles cover band). The cost for this event is only $25 and you can register at